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MXR Dyna Comp (MXR102)


MXR Dyna Comp (MXR102)

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 3.02.38 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 3.02.38 PM.png

MXR Dyna Comp (MXR102)

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Ever wondered, "do I need a compressor"?

It's one of the more misunderstood pieces of kit and can leave people feeling unsure of its merits. Yes, a compressor is designed to even out the dynamic range of an audio signal, giving notes more sustain. But they also impart a tone, shape the note's attack and allow you to control gain.

To us here at Echo Tone this means one thing - ATTITUDE. A compressor creates an urgency in your sound. Things are more forward and rhythmic. By all means use a Dyna Comp to control the guitar's dynamic range, but also think of it as a vibe-induction machine!
A bargain box by anyone's measure, this is a pedal we love. A classic since 1976.

HOT TIP - Combine with Micro Chorus for instantly gratifying modulated goodness.

True bypass and powered by 9V adaptor or battery.
This is a NEW pedal and features a five year warranty in Australia.

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