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Danelectro Pro (Black)


Danelectro Pro (Black)

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 2.13.35 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 2.13.35 PM.png

Danelectro Pro (Black)

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These Pro's are a shop favourite, here's why:

The Dano Pro Electric Guitar is a first-ever reissue based on the guitar model first released in 1959 and sold through the mid-'60s. Just because this guitar is inexpensive and a tad outré doesn't mean it's not a serious instrument. The Dano Pro guitar features professional-level playability, intonation, and electronics. 

The super cool (in this case Copper) finish, angular pickguard, lipstick pickups, ridged knobs, and vertical headstock logo all help to create the immediate impression that this is an instrument from another time. The body is a funky offset rectangle, and features the familiar plastic tape that runs around the edge of the guitar. 

The Alnico pickups are the lipstick variety, and have the same design as the ones that appeared in the '50s, when actual lipstick tubes (purchased from cosmetics makers) were used to house the electronics. 

One modern innovation implemented on this axe is the bridge; which is capable of being intonated (as opposed to a single piece of rosewood like the originals!). Also an improvement over the original is the tuners, which are die cast and hold the tuning well. The nut is made of aluminum and contributes to the twanginess and uniqueness of tone that the Dano's were known for. In addition to sitting in a nut slot, the nut itself is screwed into the top edge of the fingerboard.

Everything one loves in a vintage Danelectro guitar with none of the things one doesn't! 

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