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New Guitars


New Guitars

Alongside our carefully curated range vintage and second hand musical curiosities we are also Authorised Dealers for a number hand selected new brands. Some of our favourites can be browsed below.


Maton Guitars

Since 1946, Maton has been producing exceptional Acoustic and Electric guitars here in Australia. The innovative implementation of native Australian tone woods such as Blackwood, Bunya, Queensland Maple, Queensland Walnut and now Satin Box has crafted the Maton Heritage into something of national treasure. 


Sigma Guitars

Established in 1970, the then Japanese guitar manufacturer sought to produce quality copies of the fabled Martin brand. Taken under the wing of the European distributor of the Martin brand, the re-vitalised maker produces everything from affordable instruments for beginners through to quality interpretations of classic Martin and Gibson models for intermediates.


Valencia Guitars

Anyone you know who has had the inkling to learn the guitar at some stage in the last 40 years, it's more than likely they've started their love affair with a Valencia Classical guitar! They've been the 'Student Standard' since 1972 and offer exceptional value and produce instruments in all shapes, colours and sizes.