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497 High Street Northcote, VIC

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497 High Street
Northcote, VIC, 3070

(03) 9939 0752

Sell Your Guitar


Sell your guitar.

Got an item you'd like to sell? We buy guitars, pedals, amps and recording gear outright, sell on consignment and trade goods.

Selling on consignment:
We regularly take on goods to sell on a consignment basis. That is we sell your item upon your behalf in our store. Upon sale of your item at an agreed price; you shall receive 80% of the sale price and be paid by bank deposit the next Monday.

Selling an instrument through our store, particularly if it’s a collectible piece ensures you are selling your item for the right price, by experts and exposing it to the right buyers, both domestically and internationally. An expert appraisal forms a part of our consignment process.

If looking to consign, please phone ahead. We are not a big store and can’t take on everything. Ensure you give your item a good clean to give it the best chance of selling!

Selling an item outright:
As a licensed second dealer, we are geared up to buy items outright across Australia. We buy guitars, amps, pedals, keyboards and synthesizers, recording gear and microphones.

We are happy to offer a market appraisal on items and have expert knowledge when it comes to vintage guitars and gear. Furthermore, we offer highly competitive ‘over the counter’ buy pricing for vintage guitars. If you’re unable to deliver the goods to our store (or interstate) please call us so we can guide you through the process.

If looking to sell, send through some clear images of the items to (the more images the better, including any serial numbers) or call us on (03) 9939 0752.